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Benches made of wood with their own hands: photos, drawings of a circular bench


If you want to make interesting additions to the design of your garden, nothing can beat the benches of wood with a stylish circular design. Circular wooden benches are gorgeous - a carefully made bench around the tree, designed according to your space, can make any yard cozy, giving it a modern style and personality.

See if the benches made of wood, the design options of which are given in the article, can be used to transform your yard or perhaps suggest a useful idea.

You can use a circular bench not only in the garden, but also on the terrace adjoining the house. Here it is convenient to add built-in boxes for storage of pillows and other accessories to the bench.

The circular wooden bench is an interesting project that you can do with your own hands over the weekend.

We make a bench of six identical sections. The figure shows the overall drawing of the bench, which we will concretize to fit our dimensions. Let's measure the diameter of our tree at a seat height of 40-45 cm. For an old tree, add 15 cm to the length of the girth, for a young tree, not to interfere with its growth, add 30 cm. Divide the resulting number by 1.75 to find the length nearest to the trunk short seat strips.
Wooden bench drawing
Measure this length on the wooden planks of the seat, cutting off the edges at an angle of 30 degrees. Using the slats of the first seat as a template, prepare the slats for all other sections.

Spread the seat in the form of a hexagon on a plane, using 0.5 cm spacers between the slats, as shown in the photo. Starting from the inside of the seats, align and adjust the connections between them. Then adjust the outer straps until the seams are aligned, and the edges neatly come together.

Bench legs consist of internal and external support, sandwiched between two bars. Prepare 12 legs, the length of which is equal to the height of the bench minus the thickness of the seat. If the ground around the tree is uneven, make the legs longer so that you can level the bench later by digging out the soil under them. Measure the distance from the middle of the edge of the inner slat to the end of the outer slider, subtract 7 cm from it, this is a reserved place for the backrest and apron. Cut 12 bars. Make a 30 degree bevel at each bar from the side of the apron. On the outer leg on both sides, mark 5 cm from the outer edge. Fix the leg between the two bars with two bolts, in accordance with the marks made to you. Slide the inner leg between the bars and secure it a few cm from the outer leg. Do not place the inner leg close to the inner edge, as her roots will interfere.

Assemble the bench on a flat surface without securing the two opposite sections. Set the bench near the tree, if necessary, correct the plane, choosing the soil under the legs of the bench. Staple all sections.

Prepare the backrest straps. Install them flush with the inner edge of the seat slats closest to the tree, bend the side edges of the prepared slats at 30 degrees. Glue the straps to the seat and bolt through the bottom of the seat.

Prepare the slats for the wooden bench apron. Measure the distance between the two distant points of the horizontal bars of each section. Cut 6 strips of this length, beveling the cuts by 30 degrees. Drill the guide holes and attach the strips to the bars with screws.

Complete the work by polishing the surface of the bench.

Wood benches design options.

You can easily modify the basic design of the bench of wood, making the apron and back braided from wicker.

Or, abandoning the back and placing the bench away from the trunk, place in the inner space of a beautiful flower garden.

Experiment more boldly with the size and shape of the bench, using a unique opportunity to build a comfortable and original bench.

Give your villa an individuality - you can create a unique seating area with one wooden bench.

Integrate flower containers or high beds into the bench.

The hardwood benches give the garden exquisite elegance and style.

Sharp complex forms are not for everyone. Invite your friends to relax on this cozy, soft, round bench.

This wooden bench together with the original mosaic walkway turned the corner of the garden into an interesting bright space that is perfect for both adults and children’s parties.

Circular benches can be made not only from wood; a bench made of natural stone adds an interesting texture and natural beauty to the garden.

A beautiful wooden bench with bright striped poufs will give your garden a feeling of vacation and you can enjoy real comfort in your own backyard.

The circular bench turned the small terrace into a fairly comfortable seating area.

Perhaps the inclusion of a tree in the high terrace and a wooden bench around it is one of the most beautiful dacha solutions.

A small space under the tree with the help of a simple patio bench has become a favorite seating area in the garden.

A cool cozy place under the tree will give you a respite from the dacha worries.

Summer in the country offers us many pleasures: vacation, long summer days, warm nights and meetings with friends.

Created for your perfect holiday, a stylish circular bench made of wood will open for you new impressions - from a sweet afternoon rest in the shade of a tree to a happy hour at sunset for a dinner by candlelight and talking under the stars ...