10 tricks for advanced housewives: a thousand points to anyone who came up with!


Any hostess will have a pair of three culinary trickshelping her prepare tasty and healthy food. "With my own hands" He shares several more life hacks, which will not only save time in the kitchen, but also provide new gastronomic impressions.

1. To prevent pasta from sticking together.

When cooking pasta does not stick together, if either 40 ml of lemon juice or 1 tbsp is poured into the water (2.5 liters). l 9% vinegar.

2. How to save greens

Withered greens can be easily refreshed, if you quickly dip it first in hot and then in cold water. You can also hold the herbs for an hour in cool, acidified water (1 tsp. Of vinegar per 200 ml of water).

3. Delicious vinaigrette

Useful vinaigrette will be special if onions that you want to add to the salad, pre-fry. Believe, the taste will be special!

4. Perfect cheesecakes

To make the cheesecakes perfect shape, check out the following trick: as usual, sandwich the cheesecake blanks in the flour, cover each with a glass or a mug of larger diameter. Begin to rotate the glass, not tearing from the working surface, but not very intense. The billet is rounded and takes the correct form, all the cheesecakes will look beautiful on a plate.

5. Beautiful cake in a slow cooker

Usually, the multicookers are offered to remove pastries from the bowl using a plastic insert for steaming. For products with a delicate structure, this method is not suitable, since turning over the integrity of the cake can be broken. Make a strip 10–12 cm wide and 45–50 cm long from cooking parchment. Cover the lines in the bowl crosswise, and then proceed to form the cake. Now the finished product is easy to remove by pulling at the same time all the ends of the bands.

6. How to cook soft squids

3 rules of cooking squid, so that they do not get rubber. First, squid should be completely thawed. In boiling water (with salt and spices) carcasses should be no longer than 2 minutes. Wash squid in portions of 2-3 carcasses.

7. Air Klyar

The secret of weightless batter in eggs. They should be chilled. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl until foaming, then pour in a thin stream, mixing with the rest of the ingredients. In order for the batter to be not only airy but also crisp, the water for its preparation must be ice cold. We also recommend adding vodka: 1 tbsp. l on 1 egg.

8. How to replace eggs in baking

You can replace eggs in sweet pastry with other products. So, 1 egg is: 1 tbsp. l corn starch + 2 tbsp. l water, or mashed 1 banana, or 1/4 tbsp. apple sauce.

9. Delicious liver pate

Liver pâté will be especially tasty if during the roasting of the liver, pour 50 g of alcohol (rum, brandy, whiskey) into the pan and add a teaspoon of honey. The finished pate will be more tender, light texture with spicy sweetish notes.

10. Soft dough for dumplings

Successful dumplings are tasty and fragrant filling and the right dough. While kneading dough, add 1-2 tbsp to flour. l vegetable oil - the dough will be soft, elastic and comfortable to work.

We hope that these tips will make life easier for busy housewives and will help to start cooking with the double power of inspiration!