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Baby powder: unusual uses


Baby powder based on talcum powder can be very useful in everyday life. Unlike the latter, this tool can be purchased at any pharmacy, and the prices are not quite affordable.

Salvation from corns and sores

Baby powder can be applied to the feet so that summer shoes do not rub. In addition, the tool will be useful to anyone whose hips are in contact while walking. Apply the powder on the inner side of the thigh and forget about redness from sweat.

For pets who do not like to wash

Some pets are almost impossible to drive into the water. If the animal has heavily smeared wool, rub it with powder, and then comb it. You can do without a full swim for a while.

Jewelry Care

A tangled chain can be a problem. A few awkward movements and thin links may break. Rub the tangled place with the powder, and it will become easier to unravel the chain.

Replace the powder dry shampoo

Blondes may refuse to wash in favor of dry hair. This method can greatly help out in certain situations and help in creating some hairstyles.

Smell shoes

Use the absorbent properties of the powder. Fill the inside of the shoe with the product and leave for 12 hours. It only remains to thoroughly clean the surface.

Save books from moisture and mold

Powder will remove a significant portion of dirt from old pages and prevent further destruction of paper.

Make your bulk mascara

Nothing needs to be added to the tube itself. Apply the powder to the eyelashes as powder, and then apply them in the usual way. Powder will create an incredible amount!

Powder removes fat stains.

Do not worry if there is a drop of fat on your clothes. The powder will absorb them, preventing tissue from entering the fibers.

Replaces matting powder

Baby powder will easily hide the traces of gloss on the face, and unlike cosmetics it will not cause irritation on the skin.

Fill the gaps in the wooden floor

Such an action should prevent unwanted creaking floorboards.

Protects clothes from dirt

When ironing, sprinkle white powder on the powder. They will create a protective sheath and light spots will not penetrate into the fabric.

Remove irritation from the legs

Epilation or shaving the legs may leave your skin irritated. Powder will cope with small inflammation and accelerate skin regeneration.