Everything has its place: 30 storage ideas in the kitchen


Maintaining order in the kitchen is not so simple - as a rule, a kitchen set cannot cope with dishes, appliances and other utensils. But we have a solution: with the help of little tricks you will not only restore order in the kitchen, but also save the interior space. Read and get down to business!

Idea # 1: strictly vertical

Vertical storage system - the best solution for a small kitchen. Compact shelves do not take up much space, but easily fit all your dishes.

Idea number 2: out of sight

And retractable mesh baskets inside kitchen cabinets will be a great place for a secret shelter of detergents.

Idea number 3: in limbo

In addition, do not forget about hanging mesh baskets, in which it is convenient to store not only cups, but also vegetables with fruits.

Idea number 4: near horizontal

The functionality of the kitchen can be easily increased with the help of rails. Today, many different modules, hooks, special spice jars are produced for them.

Idea # 5: side by side

Shelves do not happen much - having bought several additional mesh baskets in chrome color, you will forever solve the problem of storing dishes.

Idea number 6: in plain sight

It’s not so easy to put all the pots and pans in one kitchen drawer! It is better to hang them near the hood or on the wall by the door. This will help you a special perforated wall panel.

Idea # 7: original approach

The space in the corner of the kitchen is quite difficult to use. Special retractable racks and corner boxes of special design will help to solve this problem.

Idea number 8: cleanliness and order

Use drawer dividers to make them more functional. Now it will be much easier to maintain order!

Idea # 9: the power of attraction

Attach the knives to the wall - and in the literal sense of the word. A special magnetic strip will show them who is in charge here!

Idea # 10: Spice House

Spice jars can also be stored on magnets. Attach them, for example, on the wall of the refrigerator or the internal door of the cabinet.

Idea number 11: take the height

Use special racks for pans and pots - so you can use all the space of the box and you do not have to touch them before each cooking.

Idea number 12: successfully hooked

And bulky covers from pans and pans are conveniently stored using simple slats: attach them to a free wall surface in a convenient place for you.

Idea # 13: along the wall

Metal shelf-pockets will help place the covers on the wall of the kitchen cabinet. If the cabinet is fully occupied, this shelf can be placed outside the cabinet.

Idea number 14: all in places!

Inside the cabinet is convenient to store not only the dishes, but also narrow boxes of pasta and dough. Simply attach the vertical drive to the door - and it fully justifies its new place.

Idea # 15: in the style of shebbi-chic

And in order not to climb into the far corners of the kitchen behind the rolls of foil or film, hang them directly on the wall - using an old hanger.

Idea # 16: in the access area

Remember how convenient it is to view postcards or small souvenirs on turntables in the store. Add a few mobile racks to one of the cabinets - and all the jars and containers with spices will always be at hand.

Idea # 17: under control

Tired of cleaning the box with sweets from crumbs? Solve this problem once and for all by pinching the packaging of the cookies with the usual clothespin.

Idea # 18: Assistant Labels

To no longer waste time searching for salt or sugar, sign the lids of the cans in which you store cereals and grains.

Idea # 19: complete order

Organizing recipes will help speed up the cooking process. No more throwing around the kitchen: put all the recipes in one place, or better, in alphabetical order.

Idea # 20: A Practical Example

There is too little space in the wall cabinets! Attach the hooks to the shelves and hang coffee cups on them. And store glasses under the shelves - upside down.

Idea # 21: Stand in a row

The long, narrow shelves are easily fixed to the wall and are ideal for storing spices and a variety of bottles with oils.

Idea number 22: a place in the sun

At the very top of the kitchen set you need to put what you rarely use. For example, let it be baskets with alcohol or dishes for cooking festive dishes.

Idea # 23: surprise shelving

And various modules, racks and racks will help to use even the most narrow and inconvenient places. For example, retractable cupboards in the kitchen.

Idea # 24: for the little ones

Numerous spices are the most in packs from "Tik-taka". Just do not forget to sign them!

Idea # 25: spectacular decor

The dishes can be stored not only in closed cabinets, but also on narrow open shelves. Let your favorite set be the original decor of the kitchen!

Idea # 26: a basket for boards

The company of cutting boards will no longer sink into the sink, if you introduce it to a compact basket. Choose models of artificial rattan - a material resistant to moisture.

Idea # 27: a budget idea

Do not throw away cans and rusted rakes, because with proper processing they can be useful for storing kitchen accessories - spoons, forks and shovels.

Idea # 28: smart approach

And compact magnetic shelves for small things can be made by hand. You will need small baskets from a hardware store, magnets and superglue.

Idea number 29: go home!

Having bought several plastic containers for sorting food, you will not only free up space in the refrigerator, but also make cleaning easier.

Idea # 30: Little Tricks

Do not forget to use the lower parts of the cabinets - it is convenient to store cereals and grains, as well as materials for creativity and handicrafts right in the drawers or baskets right under the set.