Turn old picture frames into original interior items


Today it is customary to exhibit photos on social networks, and modular paintings are in fashion. There are many reasons why you may have some unnecessary picture frames. And here are the ideas of what they can be turned into.

Serving tray

You will need:

  • picture frame with glass
  • piece of cardboard
  • interesting color fabric
  • two decorative knobs

Cut the cardboard to the size of the picture frame and cover it with colored fabric. Place the cardboard in the frame, and fix the edges. Screw the handles on top of the two sides (you can use door-shaped handles in the form of brackets). On this tray, any breakfast will seem tastier.

Rustik Lantern

You will need:four small frames of the same size. Connect them with hot glue to form a rectangle. In the finished lantern put a few candles. You can complement the design with flowers and other decorations.

Bedside table

Place the frame into which the piece of plywood is placed on the decorative carved leg. You can use a massive candlestick or a piece of old furniture. Plywood can be decorated by placing a bright fabric, pattern or mosaic under glass. Paint the frame and the foot of spray paint.

Decorative Bookshelves

The frame will make a regular work of art from an ordinary plywood shelf. Thus emphasize the special value of their favorite books.

Chalk board

Interesting decoration that will allow you to not forget about the most important things. The most important part of this project is a specialized paint that allows you to write with chalk on any surface. Cover this paint with a glass frame or a piece of plywood. It remains to stock up on multicolored chalk!

Organizer to store jewelry

Using a furniture stapler, fasten a piece of plastic mesh to the frame. It should be tight and not sag. Earrings can be mounted directly on the net, and for other jewelry you will need small hooks.

Glass house

You will need four large frames with glass and four small ones. Lubricate all edges of the frame with glue and additionally secure with adhesive tape or masking tape. Remove the tape when the glue is completely dry.

Whiteboard Markers

In this case, a board was made with interesting patterns. To leave part of the board unpainted, apply a grid with tape or masking tape. Using a spray can, paint the back side of the glass white. Insert the painted glass into the frame so that the paint is on the inside. On the glass, you can write water-based markers.

Decoupage decorative cube

Glue a rectangle of four frames, and then decorate the walls using decoupage technique. Apply the PVA glue on the glass, glue the picture, and fix it with another layer of glue.

Original panel

Stick on the frame decor of artificial flowers, ribbons and other decor. Try to place the decorations so that at least a third of the free space inside the frame is filled.

Spice rack

A perforated board is used as the basis for such a shelf. Place special holders and hooks on it. The frame will give the whole structure a complete look.

Key holder

Pick up a small frame and complement it with small neat hooks. Mount the holder on the wall at the entrance or on the wall of the hallway locker.