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How to make a hole in the glass? Here are two easy ways.


There are such cases when you need to make a hole in the glass. In fact, this is not so easy to do. In this article you will learn a couple of ways to solve this problem.

How to drill glass

If necessary, make a hole in the glass, for example, to hang a mirror or insert a handle in the glass door of the cabinet, you can use the data and simple methods.

For the first method you need:

  • glass itself
  • metal drill
  • drill
  • acetone
  • turpentine
  • alcohol

To drill a hole in the glass you need to lay it on a flat surface, for this you can use a large sheet of plywood, the edges of the glass should not be hung.

The speed of rotation of the drill on the drill set at "one" or "minimum", depending on the configuration of the drill. It is necessary to exclude a strong beating of the drill so that the glass will not crack when drilling, in this case it is better to use a drilling machine.

Acetone or alcohol degreases the surface of the glass in the place where we will drill it. The drill is placed in the center of the intended hole, the drill is turned on, while drilling it is necessary to gradually drip on the glass, at the drilling site, turpentine. You can simply make a small funnel circle out of plasticine and pour turpentine into it.

To prevent the glass from cracking, you need to press the drill lightly, effortlessly.

The second method will require:

  • glass
  • lead or tin solder,
  • fine wet sand
  • wand, sharpened under the cone, and the tip of the wand should have a diameter of the intended hole
  • alcohol or acetone.

The work is performed as follows: the glass surface is degreased in the place where the intended hole will be. At the place of drilling poured sand, a centimeter slide in three in height. In the sand, make a hole with a stick so that a funnel forms, molten solder is poured into the funnel.

After a minute or two, the sand is removed from the surface of the glass, the solder is withdrawn, the hole is melted. Before work, it is better to check the technique and try to make a hole in the glass on an unnecessary fragment.