Some useful life hacking for women or little female tricks


French women say: "There are no ugly women, there are unclean ones." It's hard to disagree with this proposition, because in order to look amazing, it is not at all necessary to wear expensive clothes and luxurious accessories. Enough daily to carry out careless self-care, to make the hair look alive, manicure neat, and the skin shine and radiate health. All this will develop into an attractive image and it will be impossible to pass by such a girl without a sinking heart.

We have found useful lifehacks for you that will help you look perfect every day without spending much time on it.

Quick drying of nails

To make your varnish dry faster, you need to dip your nails in cold water for three minutes. It is completely dry during this time.

Soft pencil

If your pencil is withered and it literally scratches the eyelids, hold the tip over the flame and it will become soft.

How to put on the key

Very often, we spoil the newly made manicure, trying to bend the tight key ring. All to help: you can use for this purpose anti-stapler.

Hair fragrance

If you spray a comb with your favorite perfume, a pleasant delicate scent will emanate from your hair.

Antiperspirant for Calluses

What would the corns do not cause discomfort on the feet can help the usual antiperspirant. Spread them a place where your shoes are rubbing, and it will help reduce friction and keep the place dry.

Ironing curling iron

If you have absolutely no time, and you have found that the cuffs on your shirt are wrinkled, not scary. Can be used for collars and cuffs curling iron for hair.


To make it easier to use the tool in a tube, when it ends, you can fix it with an ordinary hair clip.

Fix lipstick

Your favorite lipstick can be easily repaired. Use a cigarette lighter to heat the broken end, then stick the missing part to it and put the lipstick in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes.

Homemade Lip Scrub

Brown sugar, olive oil and honey make an excellent lip scrub, and most importantly - natural.

New varnish

You can make a bright lacquer out of shiny shadows by adding them to a bottle with a clear varnish.

To keep hairpins

To make the Invisible Man better held in the hair, you can spray the hair in the place of fixation with hair spray or dry shampoo.

In order not to be late in the morning

To stop gathering in the mornings for so long, record a list of several favorite tracks and turn it on in the morning during the camp. When the last track finishes playing, you have to be ready - this will not only improve your discipline, but also lift your spirits in the morning.